• Posted on January 30, 2011

Our Fabric Range

Classic Cotton

Our Classic cotton is sourced from Japan. The fabrics are all 2-ply meaning the threads are strong and durable. The range offers some great patterns and colors for any occasion. Customers can realize exceptional value with this range of cotton shirting, especially when purchased in our 4 for 3 deal. Click here to see the current range on offer.

Premium Cotton

NiAlma’s premium cotton is procured from Italy. This range of fabric has been produced by Ferno , a company that has over one hundred years of experience. There is an incredible variety of colors and textures in this category. The feel and durability of this cotton is as good as it gets. Click here to view our latest Premium offerings.

Black Label Cotton

The Black Label range is produced by Thomas Mason in the United Kingdom. This is some of the finest cotton shirting you will find. Only the finest cotton is sourced to produce this product. Vibrant colors and classic patterns are synonymous with Thomas Mason, a company that has been making cotton shirting for over two hundred years. Click here to view the latest range.

  • Posted on July 03, 2010

NiAlma Black Label Fabric Range

NiAlma Black label

Our highest quality cotton fabrics are referred to as NiAlma Black Label. This range is currently made up entirely of Thomas Mason Silverline shirting.

Thomas Mason is a cotton-weaving mill located in Lancashire, UK, which has been creating fine cotton shirting for well over 200 years. Thomas Mason Silverline is renowned for its rich colours, diverse textures and strength. It is also woven in such a way as to make ironing a lot easier than your average cotton shirting.

When you choose our Black Label range, not only can you expect the finest of quality, but you will be delighted with its comfort. The soft, smooth textures of this range are brilliant to wear and feel fantastic against your skin.

NiAlma Tailored’s pricing on our Black Label range is very competitive.
You will not find any better value for Thomas Mason shirts, while you can still expect our high construction standards. Purchase 3 Black Label shirts through our renowned ‘4 for 3’ deal and the price is unmatched.

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