Choosing the right dress shirt cuffs is very important. When making your decision about which cuff to choose, consider the purpose of the shirt you are making.

For a more formal occasion French Cuffs are the most appropriate choice, as you will most likely be wearing your jacket for the duration of the event.

Many people have a preference towards French Cuffs for their business dress shirts purely as a style choice. The fact is though that French Cuffs can be rather impractical when seated at a desk and working on a computer due to the bulky size. A good compromise is a Double Button Cuff. It has a slightly longer barrel than a Single Button Cuff to give it an air of formality.

Casual dress shirts really only need a Single Button Shirt Cuff. This will also provide you with the option to comfortably roll the sleeves up if desired.

Which ever style of dress shirt cuffs you need, we will help you create your ideal shirt.